Resurrection Remix 4.2.2

by judas77


BUILD 1 – Initial/Final [2014-02-19]

Build 1 – Initial/Final [20140219]
* Based on uptodate device sources
* Latest OMX patches
* No low incall volume bug (thanx for @h3llrais3r)
* Working LPM charging
* KSM feature Better RAM management
* Optimised
* Working New YouTube app (without freezes, hopefully)
* New Governors: OndemandQ and Abyssplug
* SIO and ZEN IO schedulers added
* Some libs compiled from sources
* Initial/Final Release

Issues (not working): 
– No video in some “video streaming” apps
– Default torch has turning on delay – added alternative one (but won’t work from quick settings tile)
– Very strange thing – quick tiles appear only IF YOU HAVE GAPPS installed!! Never experienced such behavior (but I use gapps all the time:))

Resurrection Remix

Samsung – for a decent phone;
CyanogenMOD Team, Resurrection Remix Team 
– for making great ROMs, for sources;
TeamCanjica, dh.harald i SakuraDroid – for great contribution to codina device/kernel sources;
everybody who deserves it, but I forgot because of my faulty memory:)