Vanilla Root-Box 4.2.2

by judas77


BUILD 5 [2013-12-31]

Build 5 – RC [2013-11-31]
Updates comparing to the last Rox’es build:
* Updated device sources (up to the final ones:))
* Low in-call volume fix (thanx for @h3llrais3r)
* Torch turning on delay fixed
* LPM charging fixed
* OMX patches updated
* Enable KSM – Better RAM management
* Overall optimalisation
* Fixed Wi-Fi issues (from build 4)
* Softkey vibrations fixed
* Boot time improved
* OndemandQ governor added
* SIO and ZEN IO schedulers added
* Multiuser support added
* Some libs compiled from sources
* USB disk removed
* Bluetooth tethering fixed (unconfirmed)
* Final Build (sources / my fixes / scripts deleted:))

Issues (not working): 
– (Possible) You Tube app freezing
– No video in some “video streaming” apps.

Vanilla Root-Box 

Samsung – for a decent phone;
– CyanogenMOD Team, Root-Box Team – for making great ROMs, for sources;
– TeamCanjica, dh.harald i SakuraDroid – for great contribution to codina device/kernel sources;
– everybody who deserves it, but I forgot because of my faulty memory:).