My adventures with Codina

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Month: March, 2014

Update of Carbon ROM available:


Build 3 [2014-03-14]
* Carbon Sources updated (up to 2014-03-14):
– Smart Pulldown added
– Customisation of network signal indicator
* Device’s Source updated (up to 2014-03-13)

* Update of polish translation of Carbon Fibers – (pretty faulty right now, will be fixed in next release).
* Fixed crash after longpress of “Network Mode” quicktile.


I almost forgot;)





1. Put ROM’s Zip file Zip (and other zip files – optionally) on SD Card
2. Enter Recovery Mode
3. Pick options:
a) Wipe Data/Factory Reset
b) In mounts and storage choose: Format System
c) (just in case) Mount system partition (it supposed to be unmount visible)
4. Choose Install Zip (or similar, depends on recovery version)
a) Install ROM from SD card
5. (optional) installing Gapps and other add-ons
a) In mounts and storage Mount /system (as described above)
b) Choose install zip and install chosen add-on
c) repeat a and b points for any other add-on
6. Reboot Phone (first BOOT could take a while)
Github Sources:


– Samsung – for a decent phone;
– CyanogenMOD Team, Carbon Dev Team – for ROM sources;
– TeamCanjica, dh.harald i SakuraDroid – for great contribution to codina device/kernel sources;
– mikesz98, percy-g2, munjeni – fixes, translations
– everybody who deserves it, but i forgot because of my faulty memory.


[COLOR=”#008000″][SIZE=4]History: [/color][/size]
[b]Build 1 [2014-03-01][/b]
* Carbon Sources updated (up to 2014-02-28)
* BT issues fixed
* New STE power hal
* Added Sioplus scheduler
* Added PegasusQ governor
* Better ram managenemt
* Fixed Stock Camera crashes
* Added Sweep2Wake trigger to advanced settings

[b] BUILD 0 -Unreleased [2014-02-16[/b]
* Initial build
* Kernel 3.0.101 implementation [/hide]
[COLOR=”#008000″][SIZE=4]Bugs / not working: [/color][/size]
* Rotation Glitch
* Low in-call bug
* AGPS (?) – not tested